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Cage Free Care

"The Key to Affordable Healthcare"

Cage Free Care is a fixed-cost healthcare membership program that is being offered as an alternative to the growing cost and inconvenience of the existing insurance-based healthcare system. This innovative direct care program gives patients the key to quality and affordable healthcare in emergency medicine, direct primary care and tele- medicine.

Cage Free Care members no longer have to worry about the cost or access to care. Our program gives members the key to break free from the "Cage" of co-pays, deductibles, filing claims, surprise bills, making appointments, or waiting for their care.

Healthcare the way it should be. Developed in Austin, Texas Cage Free Care is both the best of the past and future of our healthcare system. By restoring the patient/doctor relationship of the past and uniting it with the innovation of memberships to standalone healthcare facilities, Cage Free Care is giving members the key to the way healthcare should be.

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