Our Team

We believe that healthcare should be something that everyone has access to and it should not put a financial strain on members’ pockets. With this in mind, we created Cage Free Care to bring quality, affordable healthcare membership programs to central Texas. By partnering with locally owned Family Emergency Room, our plans offer low-cost healthcare to parents, children, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, and young adults alike.

Membership plans give all patients access to develop a convenient, lasting relationship with their primary care doctor, emergency room services in the event of an accident, quick and low-cost ambulance services, prescription drugs at a fraction of the cost, and 24/7 access to board-certified doctors who can provide quick diagnosis or prescription refills.

Developed by members of the healthcare system in Austin, Tx., Cage Free Care is the best part of past healthcare practices joined with the innovative and convenience of the healthcare of tomorrow. Our original team is heavily invested in the interest of the quality of healthcare and strives to create Texas affordable healthcare.

Isaac Higgins

Chief Executive Officer

I spent seven years in Abilene, TX before moving to Austin in 11th grade. It wasn’t long after that I went off to Alabama on scholarship to the University of Alabama. I spent a vast amount of time studying business both in and out of the classroom. The school had many great programs that helped connect students to numerous opportunities to jump start business careers. Through some of these programs, I was able to work closely with several start-up companies that eventually led to working with more established corporations like Anheuser-Busch.

During my Junior year of college, January 9th, 2017, I registered my first business and built an online e-commerce store drop shipping and re-selling items. Going through this process, I gained valuable knowledge. Even though the store was only operational for over half a year, it taught me many skills that transferred into my current venture.

After graduation in August and moving back home to Austin, I started working on a new healthcare model. In my model, I would build a platform that allows Providers to services directly to members and create a free market approach to healthcare. By providing services directly to the patient and cutting out the middle man we would drastically reduce the waste in the current system. Providers create a mixture of benefits together in the form of 12-month packages and charge a recurring monthly fee for set packages cutting out the middleman of insurance. With this idea, I saw an opportunity to help millions of people. So, on October 4th, 2017 I registered the company and formed Cage Free Care. Through this platform, I plan to empower both the patients and providers in creating a better healthcare system for all.

Whitney Fenzel

Chief Marketing Officer

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Michael Collins

Director of Sales

I was born in Houston and spent my early childhood years there before moving to Lago Vista with my mother and sister in 1997. While growing up in Lago I developed a passion for water sports and learned to appreciate the abundance of outdoor activities the Texas hill country has to offer. After high school, I moved back to Houston to start my career in insurance. I've always had a passion for helping people and insurance seemed like a perfect fit for me to use my skills to help guide everyday people through the numerous hoops and challenges of modern-day insurance. With hard work and a strong dedication for helping people, I was able to open up my own insurance agency in Houston with Allstate in 2014. After running a successful Allstate Agency for four years I realized something was still missing, family. I decided to sell my agency, move back to Austin and marry the love of my life Lauren.

I interviewed with several insurance companies in Austin to start another agency but something in me had changed since moving back. Opening another Agency wasn't good enough. I needed to find a better way to truly help people without being bogged down by a big corporation holding me back at every turn. I came across Cage Free Care and almost instantly knew I had found my new calling. Cage Free Care was still in its infancy and was only offering emergency room packages at the time and I knew I had my work cut out for me. Working tirelessly with our CEO Isaac Higgins, we developed the sports package, increased the benefits to our emergency room package while creating our direct primary care offerings. We also added an EMS package and prescription services. Honesty, transparency, and a need to do what's right for our fellow man has been a huge key in our success with Cage Free Care. We continue to look for new opportunities using existing and new technologies to further advance common-sense healthcare for the great state of Texas and beyond.

Nick Stoner

Membership Manager

I was born and raised in Menlo Park, California right outside of San Francisco until my Junior year of high school. I completed my high school education in Kalispell, Montana. I was accepted into the University of Alabama and decided to experience a change in culture going to region that I have never visited.

My Freshman year of college I was introduced to our CEO Isaac Higgins, and immediately recognized his strong leadership abilities. After school I began looking for new opportunities outside of Alabama. For almost a year I had been hearing Isaac talk about his new company and the success he and Michael had with it in Austin with Cage Free Care. I visited Austin for the first time and realized that not only did I believe in Cage Free Care but felt compelled to do anything I could to help drive our company forward.

Within days at being at Cage Free Care I was able to immediately see the impact we are having on people’s lives, having the ability to be a part of the driving force that pushes out traditional healthcare and paves the way for providers and patients to communicate directly.