Dr. Henry Higgins

Founder & Owner

For the first time in over ten years, working with the Family Emergency Room has made me absolutely love being a doctor again. It is very exciting to offer the absolute best emergency care that has ever been rendered in greater Austin.” Dr Higgins graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in biochemistry. Throughout medical school, he focused his research and studies on neuroscience. Anything that had to do with the brain fascinated him. He spent most of his time with brain trauma and surgery. It wasn’t until his residency that he developed a passion for emergency medicine. He returned to WVU to complete his certificate in internal and emergency medicine. In 2010, he moved his family to North Texas to open Cedar Park Family Emergency Room. His vision is to bring accountability back to the doctor-patient relationship. Dr Higgins has a wonderful, supporting wife and they have 4 children that attend schools here in Cedar Park, all of which are very active in sports. You can often spot Dr Higgins on the sidelines of the football games supporting the team but also providing medical support if needed. Dr Higgins and his wife are also huge supporters of theatrical arts. They founded the Abilene Performing Arts Center, which is now in its 10th year of production. The Higgins family enjoys travelling and spending time together. When not spending time with his family, Dr Higgins enjoys tinkering with stuff and building remote control race cars, which he tries to race as often as possible.

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