1. Extremely easy sign-up process

2. No paper applications

3. No underwriting — guaranteed acceptance

4. Easy to hit goals

5. Monthly bonuses

6. Lifetime renewals

7. Broker portal dashboard to quickly track commission and goals

8. Unique link that attaches directly to potential clients application

9. Make a difference in you community by providing access to cost effective healthcare

10. Ongoing support for you and your team

11. Opportunities for executive advancement

Cage Free Care works directly with Collins u0026amp; Higgins Consulting to contract with brokers to help promote all the local providers within their area. Through Collins u0026amp; Higgins brokers gain the ability to also sell our group health plans to employers. If you are interested in becoming appointed to sell this products please fill out this request.


We know the common struggles with the current healthcare system because like you we have lived through them. We have a solution to these struggles  by creating the worlds first provider-driven medical memberships. With our innovative platform, patients can freely choose between local providers and services. By introducing free market principles and focusing on accessibility, we aim to reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

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