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Benefits For Employers

No minimum number of employees required to enroll with group memberships

All employees including part-time & contractors can be added to the plan at any time

Add/Remove employees at anytime with an easy-to-use management dashboard

Personalized one-pager highlighting your company benefits for recruiting new employees

Personal broker that can assist employees with individual catastrophic coverage

Customize and build your group plan with contribution amounts set by you as the owner

How Do We Help Small Business Owners?

Using the network of providers, we build group memberships that are offered to employees as benefits with all-inclusive healthcare services. The memberships do not have the same restrictions as traditional group insurance plans. They have no co-pays or deductibles or any hidden costs. This allows business owners to offer benefits to their employees by removing major financial barriers!

What is a Healthcare Membership?

Healthcare Memberships are all-inclusive healthcare services offered directly by local providers. These memberships do not have the same restrictions or financial barriers of traditional insurance.

A Healthcare Membership is a form of Direct Primary Care and is a financial arrangement between the patient and healthcare provider. Providers set their own pricing and services they would like to offer. By removing all the traditional overhead costs, providers can offer their services at a much more affordable rate! 

Reasons Business Owners & Employees Love Our Memberships:

Common Services Included In Memberships:

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