Looking for a little bit more information on our healthcare plans, and how they will fit into your lifestyle, while also saving you money? If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to reach out by email: info@cagefreecare.com or phone: (512) 851-1018.

Cage Free Care was developed to provide affordable and quality health care to everyone. Cage Free Care is an all-inclusive, cloud-based platform that enables medical providers to easily design and manage their own membership package. Through our online marketplace providers can offer their packages directly to you! Cage Free Cares’  turn-key solution offers everything a practice needs to create and manage a successful membership model.

With the rise in practice of high deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays in the insurance industry it makes it nearly impossible to afford healthcare. Our memberships are great solution to this growing problem. Cage Free Care Memberships allow people to rest easy and not stress over the out-of-pocket expenses and hidden fees that come with traditional health insurance plans. This innovative, direct-care program gives patients the key to quality and affordable health care.

All Cage Free Care Membership contracts are for a 12-month period. There is a 15-day free-look period for new members. Once this 15-day period is complete members will be able to use all benefits without restrictions.

People with no insurance, people with high deductible insurance plans, and people with a traditional health insurance plan. In short – everyone.

  1. Visit www.cagefreecare.com or email at info@cagefreecare.com
  2. Create an account
  3. Select your provider
  4. Select your provider package
  5. Guaranteed acceptance

If you need to cancel before the end of your 12-month period, there will be a 50% cancelation fee that will be based off the remaining duration of the annual contract.

To cancel you must directly call our customer service department at (512) 851-1018.

Your membership package may be upgraded at any time to a more inclusive service, but can only be downgraded during the free-look period for new members.

Telemedicine places you face to face with your doctor via facetime in minutes, and is directly accessible 24/7 through any computer, tablet or phone device.  Doctors are able to treat routine visits such as flu symptoms, strep throat, common colds, rashes, and non-narcotic prescriptions.

For direct Telemedicine support, please contact support@telaconsult.com or call (512) 861-4134.

At the end of the annual contract, we will roll over half of the remaining visits. However, if the member chooses to end their Cage Free Care membership, they will also forfeit all acquired rollover visits.

Example: John uses 2 visits during the 12-month contract and has 2 remaining under his plan. If John renews his contract, he will add 1 roll-over visit to his next 12-month contract period giving him 5 visits for that year.

Add our Republic EMS, Ambulance package to your membership for fully-covered ambulance rides to any other facility.

$15/month – Individual (one fully covered ambulance ride)

$25/month – Couple/Family (one fully covered ambulance ride)

Cage Free Care memberships do not include coverage for facility transfers.

Example: Member visits emergency room and needs immediate surgery that is not offered in the emergency room, membership benefits will not cover the cost of a transfer or surgery preformed by outside facilities.

Yes! We can extend a Cage Free Care Membership to any person even with those plans. New member would have to fill out an exclusion form stating Cage Free Care will not charge their carrier because Cage Free Care is not insurance it’s a health care membership program.