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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cage Free Care membership?

This is not a health insurance plan. Members receive full coverage to Local Freestanding Emergency Rooms and Telemedicine. This means there is no additional cost for these services. Members also gain access to cash prices with our local health partners. (Imaging, Surgical, and Labs)

Why become a member?

With increasing cost of insurance in the healthcare marketplace, and surprise medical bills from high deductibles, coinsurance and copays, people are searching for alternatives to traditional insurance like hmo or ppo insurance plans. Cage Free Care Memberships allows people to rest easy and not stress over the out of pocket expenses that come with full coverage plans. With fixed membership rates, you will no longer have to hesitate to seek the care you need.

What are the membership fees and duration?

  1. $139/month for one person
  2. $228/month for partners
  3. $289/month for families (3-8 members)
  4. Initial $25 registration fee for individual membership
  5. Initial $30 registration fee for couples/family membership
  6. Commitment to an Annual Contract
  7. No open enrollment period. Sign up Any time!

What are the Benefits?

  1. Individual plan includes 4 fully covered ER visits each year
  2. Partner plan includes 6 fully covered ER visits each year
  3. Family plan includes 8 fully covered ER visits each year
  4. 24/7 access to participating Freestanding Emergency Rooms
  5. Unlimited access 24-hour Telemedicine service
  6. All the Freestanding Emergency Room services are included
  7. Cash based services offered with our partnered businesses

Who would benefit the most?

  1. People with no insurance- 96% of medical needs can be taken care of by our partnered facilities. Many people cannot afford health insurance in the current health marketplace, so we priced our membership program to be able to provide the basic medical needs for our community.
  2. Insured with a full coverage insurance plan- Premiums, Deductible, and Co-pays continue to grow each year requiring more out of pocket expenses. With our membership option, most people will no longer need to worry about filing claims or meeting their deductibles or co-pays.
  3. Insured with high deductible plans- Taking a membership model like Cage Free Care and pairing it with a high deductible plan can greatly reduce yearly medical costs. This would allow the individual to seek local emergency medical care while protecting them from a catastrophic event.

How do I sign up as a member?

  1. Visit a partnered facility
  2. Click here to view our membership plans
  3. Call us at (512) 851-1018 to speak with our customer support department

How do I cancel my membership?

  1. The contract is annual and will be in effect for the 12-month period. It will automatically renew unless you call or notify the Cage Free Care program in writing 30 days before the end of the contract.
  2. If you do need to cancel before the end of this 12-month period, there will be a 50% cancelation fee that will be based off the remaining duration of the annual contract.
  3. To cancel you must call our customer service department at (512) 851-1018 to start this process or you may cancel at one of our partnered facilities.

What happens to unused visits at the end of an annual contract?

At the end of the annual contract we will roll over half of the remaining visits. However, if the member chooses to end the program they will also forfeit all acquired rollover visits.

Example: John uses 2 visits during the 12-month contract and has 2 remaining visits under his plan. If John renews his contract he will add 1 roll-over visit to his next 12 month contract period giving him 5 visits for that year.

What happens if I need to be transferred to another facility?

We do not have control of anything that happens outside the jurisdiction of our partnered facilities. For this reason, some people may choose to pair Cage Free Care memberships with a high deductible insurance plan in case of a catastrophic event.

Example: Member visits Freestanding Emergency Room and needs immediate surgery that may not be offered in the ER, membership benefits will not cover the cost of a transfer or surgery performed by outside facilities.

When will Membership benefits come into effect and be usable?

There is a 15-day registration period for new members. Once this registration period is complete members will be able to use all benefits freely as they choose.

If I’m on Medicare Can I Also Have A Cage Free Care Membership?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to extend membership to Medicare recipients under current federal laws.

If I’m on Medicaid Can I Also Have A Cage Free Care Membership?


If I’m on Tricare Can I Also Have A Cage Free Care Membership?


Frequently Asked Telemedicine Questions

What conditions are appropriate for telemedicine?

In short telemedicine can take care of acute, non-emergent conditions that do not require an extensive physical exam. Please check out Telaconsult.

I have lost my invitation email, how do I get another one?

I am having technical difficulties with the TelaConsult app. Where do I get help?

TelaConsult is based on the HIPAA secure eVisits platform. They have a robust Tech support team. You can reach them at

I have an individual plan, but I would like to have access for my family. How do I do this?

You must change to a family plan at the Cage Free Care site. Alternatively, you can buy a family telemedicine plan at www.telaconsult.com, but you will not get the package discount available through Cage Free Care.

I need to speak to someone directly from Telaconsult, how can you be reached?

You can reach us directly at 512-861-4134

Does TelaConsult do Primary Care?

We do NOT replace the important relationship with your primary care doctor. Our focus at TelaConsult is to take care of acute issues and get you back to your primary care physician. We can help give advice in the absence of your primary care physican, and we will strive to get a copy of our visit back to them if you wish.