Catastrophic Health Insurance

Collins and Higgins Consulting works with Cage Free Care to find health insurance options to pair with your medical memberships.

  • Hospitalization
  • ICU- Intensive Care Unit
  • Surgery and Cancer

Membership plans are dental care plans offered by practices directly to their patients. Patients pay a monthly or annual subscription directly to their dentist in return for preventive care and discounts off other treatment. Membership plans eliminate the cost and hassle of a middleman enabling patients to get the oral care they need at an affordable price while enabling dentist to run a successful, profitable practice

Health Savings Account

Easily fund your Lively HSA CONTRIBUTIONS We’ll set up recurring or one-time contributions for you without any annoying paperwork. Employer contributions Link your bank account TRANSFERS Don’t sweat over transferring your HSA from your current provider to Lively. Fee-free transfers Paperless rollovers & trustee-to-trustee transfers

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