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Virtually talk to our medical team at anytime, as many times as you need, at no extra cost with each of our memberships.

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Common Uses For Telemedicine


Untreated respiratory issues can be minor at first but then progress to more serious problems. If your breathing patterns have changed or you’ve been dealing with cold and flu-like symptoms, our doctors can help accurately diagnose these issues and get you the relief you need:

Affordable Respiratory Options

Ear, Nose & Throat

We’ve all been guilty of heading to work with minor cold symptoms then regretting it when half the hallway ends up out sick. Going to work with a potentially-spreadable virus or cold is not optimizing wellness for your co-workers or yourself.

If you’re experiencing any of these non-life threatening symptoms, our doctors may be able to help treat them so you can get back to work sooner without losing any friends:

Affordable Primary Care Visits

Abdominal Pain

Even getting through a day is hard when dealing with an abdominal or urinary tract issue.  Sometimes these symptoms can make leaving the house, even for a doctor’s appointment, a bit of a challenge to say the least. Don’t suffer through any of these symptoms without consulting with a doctor:


Skin is your body’s largest organ. You treat your other organs when they get sick, so why wouldn’t you treat your skin? Don’t put off having “that weird looking thing” examined any longer! In the privacy of your own home, our doctors can examine, diagnose, and treat non-threatening:

Affordable Primary Care Visits
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